Chaplaincy Team

School Chaplaincy team

In 2015 SJV set up a school chaplaincy team.

Our aims were:

  • To support the school in emphasising its Spirituality and Catholicity, as set out in the school’s mission statement.

  • To support and encourage the school’s pastoral care, which includes, pupils, staff and parents.

  • To promote, plan and organise the celebration of liturgies and co-operate with others in developing the school as a Christian community and embracing other faiths.

    Students had to put themselves forward and explain why they would make a good school chaplain and agree to uphold the values and ethos of our school.

    The Chaplaincy team is run by Father Patrick and Mrs Garfin.


    School Chaplain



In 2015 St John Vianney school appointed Father Patrick from the Holy Ghost Fathers to work in school for two days a week as our school Chaplain.

Chaplaincy is about drawing close to children and young people in their place of work or study and presenting them with the Gospel, in co-operation with the clergy and in communion with the Catholic Church.

Father Patrick works closely with all members of staff in carrying out this responsibility and also extending this role to the local community.

His role is wide and varied, helping to run the school Chaplaincy team, presenting staff reflections, organising retreats and prayer exercises for students and staff, meeting students on an individual basis and taking an active part in all areas of school life and liturgical matters.


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