At Saint John Vianney School we endeavor to give our pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.

The National Curriculum is taught at a level appropriate to the pupil's ability. It is expected that our learners reach their maximum potential in all areas of the curriculum.

Saint John Vianney recognise that each pupil has a unique learning style and particular attention is given to the requirements of those individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.

The curriculum is taught using a variety of multi-sensory approaches to help meet the needs of individual pupils, including those on the Autistic Spectrum.

The Learners are given opportunities to challenge and fulfill their potential as lifelong learners.

Learners have access to an adaptive curriculum to meet their individual needs.

We have planned programmes to reflect their need to develop communication, social skills, flexibility of thought and behaviour. IEP target are set with an emphasis on these 4 aspects of development.

In exceptional circumstances it is occasionally deemed appropriate for the National Curriculum to be removed or modified for a pupil.

In such cases a consultation process takes place involving the parents, the Local Authority and the school. An appropriate alternative education plan is then prepared for the individual pupil concerned.