Head Teacher Letter 25th June 2020

Published: 26 June 2020
June 25th 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
I do hope that you continue to keep well. Another relatively short letter this week.
Again, this week we have been open for pupils to attend school, albeit on a one-day basis. The children that have been in school have certainly made the most of the pleasant weather and enjoyed the experiences we have provided for them in their class teams. We can now confirm our plan to maintain our current offer of one-day weekly schooling until the end of the summer term, when we will close for the holidays.
We are planning to undertake some significant building work across the premises in the summer break. School will close Thursday 16th July at 3.15pm and will reopen Wednesday 2nd September at 9.00am. Please place these important dates in your diary.
As of yet, we do not know whether we will be able to open more fully in September, but the Government have announced their ambition to get schools back to ‘wider’ opening after the summer holidays. Obviously, we will continue to be directed by the guidance we are given from the Government’s Education Department as we continue to return to ‘normality’. We will keep you informed during the school break of any developments. The school Admin email will be monitored daily throughout the summer period. Should you need to contact us at any point please do so at admin@stjohnvianneyschool.co.uk  
At the end of next week, (Friday 3rd July), we will send home to you your child’s annual Pupil Report, which will detail the progress made by your child during this academic year. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the report please contact the teaching staff through the Class email we have provided you.
May I take the opportunity to remind you of some key information?
  • Online work is being updated and posted weekly on the school website for pupils to undertake learning at home.
  • Additional resources to support individual needs continue to be signposted through the website.
  • Free School Meal application forms should now be complete and returned to Mr Cooper at school.
  • Our class ‘safe and well’ messages will continue to be sent out every Tuesday to parents and pupils.
  • Staff in key areas of work are still available at School, during the school day, should you need any support, advice or guidance during the school week.
Pope Francis this week has been urging parents to consider their important role in nurturing faith in their families; “the family is the place where parents become their childrens’ first teachers in the faith”. A great opportunity for you and your family perhaps, to share the Wednesday Word resource we provide weekly to reinforce our catholic ethos, whilst children are still away from School. 
As always thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely,
Mr A Moloney