Hair & Beauty

Salon “V” is the schools realistic working environment for the Introduction to hair and beauty course. The students learn about professionalism, work ethics and Health and Safety as well as the subject area specific units. The students have been studying basic manicure and are starting the Shampoo and conditioning unit. For health and safety reason the students have to learn all the under pinning knowledge.

The main areas that are being taught for the Shampoo and condition unit are:

·         to prepare the client for shampooing and conditioning

·         to state the procedure for client preparation

·         to select products and tools for shampoo and conditioning

·         shampoo and conditioning (practical assessment)

·         to towel dry and detangle hair

·         to state the effects of shampooing and conditioning on the hair

·         to state the basic structure of the hair

·         at all times to follow safe and hygienic working practices

·         to communicate and behave in a professional manner

·         to state the main hair types and conditions

All these are area of assessment that need to be adhered to.  Part of this learning  has been testing the pH  levels  of shampoos and conditioners.