About us

We have an outstanding team of staff who are united in encouraging students to achieve their individual curriculum targets and develop respect and consideration for others. This means that expectations about achievement are high, and that all students are actively supported to believe that they can achieve. We are committed to producing optimistic young people who feel in control of their lives. We place a high value on our relationship with students and their parents and carers, and appreciate the importance of this relationship if success is to be achieved by all. We run a fully inclusive school and recognise that everyone has a vital part to play in developing the school.

Mission Statement


Aims and Objectives

The focus of a good school is effective learning and that is the reason for its existence and, therefore the final criteria against which management is judged.

It is the task of management to create the conditions that enable teachers and pupils to achieve effective learning.

Our Mission Statement provides a vision by which we can reach our aims and objectives.  It encapsulates the central values and guiding beliefs that the school seeks to foster and promote.

The Mission Statement is the foundation for all relationships and interactions within the school community.  It is our commitment to each other.