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"I've found all the people employed at your be a real pleasure (and fun) to deal with. There's a really positive atmosphere, both in and around the school, that I can feel; and the staff are so naturally cheerful and caring, and personable and sincere of manner. And I find the joie de vivre ethos that you're all possessed with very uplifting and contagious. I've 'been around a bit' and hence can recognize 'the real deal' on the odd occasion that I do encounter it. St John Vianney school and staff, an pupils, are indeed 'THE REAL DEAL'.

Best Wishes & Thanks to you all.

Its been great seeing you every day.

Alan Broughton, passenger assistant.

Coffee Morning

Feedback from parents

St John Vianney School has improved my daughter's skills. Beginning with language to socialising. It has also improved on communication skills at home.

The 'points' approach in Class 3 has also improved on her behaviour. It's really helping her improve on her skills.

St. John Vianney has improved and helped me in meeting new parents.

Looking forward to the next coffee morning meeting.

Amanda's mum, Class 3

St John Vianney has been great for our son. He came here at age 4, in nappies and non verbal. He is a very happy boy now who has his speech and getting independent as well. Danny is able to dress himself and communicate his needs. He can read and is great at maths which he loves. The school helps us to implement skills learnt at school and have always sent home resources.

We would be lost without the help we have received thus far!

Bea, Danny's mum Class 3

The new website is very easy to use. All up to date info. It's a really good resource for parents whose kids lose the letters that get sent home.

Leons' mum, Class 2

This school has been the best thing to happen to Kyan. The Teachers and all the staff are really understanding and patient and the communication is invaluable.

Thank you St John Vianney!

Martin, Kyans dad, Class 2

This is the best school for Learning Difficulties. Mt grandson, Harley, has really settled here. I would recommend it to anyone with difficulties.

The staff are brilliant here!

Thank you.

Trudy & Donna, Harley , Class 5

This school has been absolutely fantastic, I don't have anything but good things to say about the school .

My child has shown massive improvement in his attitude and behaviour as a whole and I give massive credit to this school for my child's development. A school I will recommend with a shadow of doubt!

Angela, Ayo's mum, Class 10