School Uniform


School Uniform



School Uniform

St John Vianney School has adopted a uniform as an outward demonstration of the high standards of personal behaviour and commitment we demand of everyone. It is expected that all pupils will wear it with pride and behave in such a way as to bring honour to the school whilst in uniform.

The Sixth Form are not required to wear uniform but are, however, expected to present themselves in such a way as to uphold the purposes outlined above. Any jewellery that is worn must be minimal; pupils with pierced ears may wear one pair of small, plain gold or silver studs or sleepers only.

Upper Body Clothing SJV Navy Sweatshirt* SJV Sweatshirt*
SJV Blue Polo Shirt* SJV Polo shirt*
SJV Fleece Jacket* SJV Fleece Jacket*
Lower Body Clothing Plain Grey Trousers Plain Grey Trousers or Skirt
Dark Socks  Dark Socks or Tights (Navy/Black)
Footwear Plain Black Shoes or Trainers Plain Black Shoes or Trainers

*Available to order through the School Admin Office. Downloadable order form at the bottom of this page.

NB Outdoor coats are permitted to be worn to and from School, but must be removed inside the School buildings.

School PE Kit

Boys Girls
Upper Body Clothing Plain White Polo/Crew NeckT-Shirt Plain White Polo/Crew NeckT-Shirt
Lower Body Clothing Plain Black Sport Shorts Plain Black Sport Shorts or Sport Skirt
Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms (optional) Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)
White Ankle Sport Socks White Ankle Sport Socks
Footwear Trainers Trainers

Please download the form below to order school uniform directly from the School Admin Office.