Fundraising during Lent

The £5 challenge

This whole school challenge relies on our children & young people to use their enterprising skills in order to raise money this Lent. Each class will receive £5 and as a team, will decide on the best way to spend the £5 in order to fundraise. 

Some ideas so far include:

  • Guessing the name of the soft toy
  • Cake sales
  • Guess how many sweets are in the jar

We are also collecting tins of food, toiletries and clothes which the children & young people will donate to the following charities:-

Our young people in Post 16 are holding a charity event this term with many different fund raising events. 

General Annual Fundraising

In the Autumn Term we put our Faith Into Action and raise money for Francis House, Cornerstone and St John Vianney School Fund. 

In the Spring Term we raise money for CAFOD and vulnerable children and young people locally and across the globe.

In the Summer Term we raise money for St John Vianney School Fund.

Throughout the year our children and young people are involved in many fundraising activities including raising money for various charities and worthy causes.