Lourdes trip




Our children and young people, that were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go to Lourdes with the HCPT this year, would like to share their thoughts:

I really loved the plane when it took off really fast and landed.
I enjoyed the party and I dressed up as Harry Potter.
I hated it when I had to leave, I wanted to stay there for the rest of the year.
I enjoyed making lots of new friends.
It was a great holiday!

Ellis (Class 5)

I enjoyed going to Lourdes, I found everything really great.   I loved going to Gavarnie, in the mountains, it was nice a peaceful.  I really liked my hotel, it was beautiful.   The songs and dancing were amazing!   I loved the trip to the caves, I learnt some interesting facts about how it was created.

Bradley (Class 8)

The songs really made me laugh.  I thought the last night was sad.

Bradley (Class 8)

Things I loved in Lourdes:

Torchlight procession
Regional disco
Playing on the Prairie
Group Photo
Easter Trust Mass
Chilling with BradHotel Solitude.

Ashley (Class 8)