Head Teacher Letter 14th July 2020

Published: 14 July 2020
14th July 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
I do hope that you and your family are keeping well?
Since the Government announced their intention that all children in England will return to school full time from the start of the autumn term, we have been planning for what this will look like for St John Vianney School. The Government believe it is timely to welcome all children and young people back into school and have made attendance at school mandatory, from early September.
We are conscious that many of you will have questions concerning the full opening of school in September and I would like to reassure you that we have undertaken a thorough risk assessment of our strategic plans at this point. We are confident that we can provide all children who attend St John Vianney the opportunity to return to school and access a full educational experience, whilst minimising any risks from Coronavirus. To support your understanding of this we have produced a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, (FAQs), document, which is attached with this letter.
Central to our planning for September is the formation of 3 pupil ‘hubs’, (within the 3 distinct school buildings), through which we will be able to manage effective social distancing and reduced contact of staff and pupils across site. These hubs will be colour-coded to support pupil understanding and cooperation during what will be an unprecedented start to a school year. All pupils will be asked to attend school for one day only in the first week of September - to familiarise themselves with the new ways of working that we are developing.
Please note that the class groups are those we have organised for the new academic year; this information was sent by email last week. If you are unsure which class your child will be in for next year please contact our Admin team this week.
  • Wednesday 2nd September Purple Hub;- (Ms Murphy, Mr Healey, Mr Woods and Miss Walsh classes),
  • Thursday 3rd September Orange Hub ;- (Miss Mollard, Mrs Woods, Ms Lord and Mr Kanakides classes) 
  • Friday 4th September Blue Hub;- (Miss Shaw, Mrs Garfin, Mr Whelan, Mrs Whiting and Mr Donovan classes).
On their first day back in school, the children and young people will be welcomed, and have the details of new school routines and timetables explained. They will spend the day in their form groups re-establishing their social networks, sharing ‘lockdown’ experiences and re-acquainting themselves with the academic demands of full-time school.
School will open five days a week for all children, from Monday 6th September - pupils should wear their full school uniform from the outset. We will provide all pupils with a ‘meal in the bag’ lunch on their initial day. From Monday 6th September, any child wishing to purchase a school lunch will be able to do so.
We intend to inform our Local Education Authorities, (LEA), of our strategy this week. I would urge you also to contact your LEA to secure school transportation for your child in September - specifying the day they will attend in the first week.
May I also remind you that the last day of school for the summer term is Thursday 16th July. Should you need to contact the school for advice/guidance/support during the closure, (including weekends), please do so by email through admin@stjohnvianneyschool.co.uk We will be monitoring emails daily.
The beginning of the school year will bring with it a number of challenges, imposed upon us all by the current pandemic. The new ways of working will take some time to embed, but we are all looking forward to resuming a full time school experience for all our children. We are very confident that with your continued support that we can quickly and successfully establish a new normality, which will continue to ensure that your child receives an exceptional educational experience at our school.
At the time of writing this week’s Wednesday Word resource is not yet available for distribution. We will send this through to families as soon as is possible. The Wednesday Word continues to be a great way for us all to reflect on the importance of our faith and what really matters at this time. An opportunity through prayer/reflection to ask for the Lord’s support, and leadership through the current crisis and in supporting our intention to reopen school fully - We continue to ask Him, to stay with us all on our journey.
Thank you for continued support and well wishes - they remain greatly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Mr A Moloney