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Head Teacher Letter 20th May 2020

Published: 21 May 2020
20th May 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
I do hope that you and your family are keeping well?
Since the Government announcement on 10th May, there has been significant ‘dialogue’, at a national level, concerning the safe reopening of schools from early June. The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body of St John Vianney RC School have been discussing, at length, the difficult challenge this announcement posed. Whilst we fully understand the value and importance of returning to some form of normality for our children and their families, we are mindful of the need to continue to ensure the safety of our school community during the unrelenting threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In consideration of these concerns we have planned for a partial opening of the School, from Monday June 8th 2020. Your child’s class will be invited to return to school on a specified day that week, to be educated by their usual class teacher and teaching assistants. The invitation will be extended on the same day each week, until further notice. Our intention is to offer a return to school to every child and young person and at the same time maintain as risk-free an environment as possible. Please note however that the ‘usual’ school curriculum will not be delivered during this time.
In allowing only one-fifth of our classes in each day and by; using the opportunity afforded by our large school site; active support of social distancing guidelines; strong hygiene and cleaning practice across the school; the maintenance of discreet teaching groups, and affording minimal opportunity for interaction between groups, we feel that our intention can be safely realised. Notwithstanding these efforts, we have been already made to understand that some of you do not propose to send your children back to school until the national situation changes significantly. Please be advised that we will continue to post work each week on our website to support our children and young people, whether you wish them to return to school, or not.
We are informing the LEAs of our plans for partial reopening from 8th June and that we will continue to offer ‘key worker child care’ provision for some children from 1st June. We will finalise your child’s class revised timetable over the Whit break and inform you of this, by letter, after the holiday. This, should provide enough time for you to make arrangements with the LEA transport teams, should you need their support over the following weeks. Please be aware however, that these provisional arrangements may need to change in the forthcoming weeks.
May I remind you please that we will close on Friday May 22nd, for the scheduled Whit week holiday, allowing us to undertake further preparations for our partial reopening in June. However, should you need to contact the School for advice/guidance/support during the closure (including weekends) please do so by email through We will be monitoring emails regularly each day.
Attached is the Wednesday Word, a special edition for the next three weeks. This resource is a great way for us all to reflect on the importance of our faith and what really matters at this time. An opportunity through prayer/reflection to ask for the Lord’s support, and leadership through this current crisis - We continue to ask Him, to stay with us all on our journey. Thank you for continued support and well wishes - it is greatly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Mr A Moloney