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Head Teacher Letter 3rd April 2020

Published: 03 April 2020

3rd April 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I do hope you and your families are all keeping well? We have been able to call many of you over the last few days to catch up with how our children are managing during the school closure. It is pleasing to hear so many of them are being helpful and managing well at home.

Today we finish school for the Easter break and earlier this week I promised you some additional online activities that pupils could engage in, should they wish to have a break from the website learning that has been provided for each class. Please note that during the Easter holiday the online work will not be refreshed.

Be assured there is no academic emergency at this time and we encourage all our parents to use their judgement about the amount of work and learning that their children should complete. In stressful situations children will not learn well. Often, just being engaged in activity, whether that be a video work out or a virtual tour, is a great way for children who find prescribed learning difficult at home, to remain involved. The following activities and resources are highly recommended to our children at this time.  Joe Wicks PE workout on his YouTube channel 9am Monday to Friday Carol Vorderman - maths 4-12 years This site has links to a range of different activities, many of which are free. Those with a cost are stated clearly.  Also available on Facebook. Lots of interesting and fun activities. You can probably find them on Facebook as well.  You can tune in and listen at 11am each day, or replay the audio books. Some exciting virtual tours to try out.

May I also remind you that we want you to be able to contact school for advice, guidance and support, should you need to, throughout the Easter holiday period. Please feel welcome to contact the school - note by email only We will be monitoring emails regularly each day. I will continue to update you with any other information as it arrives during the next few weeks.

Attached is a copy of the Wednesday Word for the next few weeks. This is an excellent way for us all to reflect on the full meaning of Easter and draw upon, through prayer, the Lord’s support to help us through this current crisis - We ask Lord, that you stay with us all on our journey.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A Moloney