Section 48 RE Inspection

What is a Section 48 Inspection?

The Diocese of Salford recognises the importance of review, self-evaluation and celebration as a continuous process that is complemented by regular external inspection. The Framework and inspection provides both the school and the Bishop the means of ensuring that matters of significant importance such as the Catholic life of the school, teaching and learning are recognised and supported. This is carried out by focusing on the following areas:-

  • Living Catholic Faith
  • Catholic Leadership
  • Word of God
  • Welcome
  • Welfare
  • Worship
  • Witness

These form the foundations for the overall effectiveness of the school.

The Diocese seeks to assist the school in its continuing work of self-evaluation through the identification of particular strengths, areas requiring further improvement and of progress made since the last inspection, as well as the celebration of all that is good, true and beautiful in the school.

The arrangements for the Section 48 Inspections (Education Act 2005) enable the church to assess systematically the work of the Catholic schools. They also provide an opportunity to support, challenge, evaluate and promote this vital work in the Mission of the Church.