St John Vianney’s Autism Accreditation

We have been an accredited school with the National Autistic Society since 2010, meaning we have several years of experience in specific practice related to autism, excellence in understanding throughout the staff, and an understanding of the condition which is up to date and cutting edge. This allows all staff across school to successfully plan for and adapt learning where necessary and support our autistic learners successfully in School.

Autism Accreditation provides an autism-specific quality assurance programme for over 300 organisations throughout the UK and across the globe: clients include local authorities, NHS trusts, education authorities, local autism societies and private companies.

The Autism Accreditation award provides a seal of quality and can give parents and carers peace of mind when choosing a school for their child.

In January 2022 we received confirmation that school has received an ‘Enhanced Practice Commendation’ from the National Autistic Society. As an Accredited school we have additionally been recognised for our work supporting autistic young people in the community. The NAS judging panel loved hearing about all the fantastic projects and experiences that our school is engaged with in the local community, and felt we deserved extra recognition for this work. Please find attached a letter regarding the decision made by the Appeals and Panel Committee.

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