Physiotherapy helps to restore / develop movement and function when a child is affected by injury, illness, developmental delay or disability. It can also help to reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future and promote core postural strength for growth and development.

It involves a holistic approach that involves placing the child at the centre of planning offering therapeutic interventions that enable and optimise development and wellbeing.

Overall view of Physiotherapy service.


The Physiotherapy service offers group and individual sessions to encourage use of exercise and movement to promote physical development, general wellbeing, weight management and encourage:


  • Listening and observation/imitation

  • Fine and gross motor movements

  • Maintenance of joint range

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Development of core postural strength and balance

  • Sensory processing

  • Cooperative skills

  • Isolation and control of body movements

  • Maintaining stillness

  • Development of spatial awareness.


The Jabadao dance and movement therapy incorporates the above aims and objectives with the use of fun sensory equipment and apparatus to encourage group and pair work developing turn taking and cooperative skills.

One to one physiotherapy sessions offer therapeutic interventions tailored to individual needs.

Joint sensory sessions with the Occupational Therapist help to integrate the children’s’ sensory needs.

The core values of the Physiotherapy service provided for children at St John Vianney School are:

  • To use fun activities to promote health and wellbeing.

  • To develop coordination and function.

  • To enhance self-confidence.


Angela Slipper  MCSP SRP PGCE

Consultant Practitioner – Physiotherapy